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Agent Negotiation Styles – Which Are You and Which Should You Be #45230 (3 Hours CE Credit)

Review the IABS: Brokers Minimum Duties Required By Law. Identify and discuss, in depth, the 3 negotiator styles including description, goal, general attitude, fear, trust, exercise of power, tactics, motivation for information, how to negotiate, relational impacts. Evaluate how these styles interact with one another. Learn to recognize you client’s negotiation style. Recognize how these styles impact negotiations through a contract on behalf of brokerage clients. Instructor Gina Warren

Apartment Locating 101 #48499 (3 Hours CE Credit)

The objective of this class is to promote education in Apartment Locating.  Learning to understand the process through the use of technology will help agents facilitate the leasing procedure and increase success. Being able to navigate ADS readily while focusing on customer service by administering consultations and building relationships with customers and leasing staff, all the while adhering to the legal Cannons of Ethics for the real estate industry. To conclude, all of these points resulting in the proficient outcome of leasing a customer. Instructor Amanda Ramirez 

Approaching New Construction With Confidence #45596 (3 Hours CE Credit)

In this class Realtors will learn common builder terminology and the builder process to gain property type competencyRealtors will also learn about the new build stages, and the pit falls to look out for. This class will cover what to expect from the builder rep from initial contact, to contract, to closing. We will also compare new homes vs resale and discuss the benefits of each to help our clients make well informed decisions. Instructor Jim Atkinson

Broker Responsibility Course (2023-2024) #44547 (6 Hours CE Credit)

**This course can also be taken by Agents to get a better understanding of their Broker’s responsibilities and would be 6 hours of elective credit.**

The Texas Broker Responsibility Course is a mandatory training program for licensed real estate brokers in Texas. It covers legal and ethical responsibilities, as well as practical skills such as effective communication and risk management. The course ensures that brokers have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations that govern their profession and are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to act in the best interests of their clients.  Instructor Jim Atkinson

CMA and Listing Basics with NAR-RPR #45392 (3 Hours CE Credit)

Students will learn the basics of utilizing RPR presentations for use during listing appointments.After class, the student will have a good understanding of how to set up their profile, run comparative analysis reports, and put together custom presentations to aid them in winning their next listing. Instructor Jim Atkinson

Contracts – All About Addenda #47389 (3 Hours CE Credit)

*This class meets the new TREC requirements for Contracts CE Courses*

Forms to be reviewed: Addendum for Backup Contract, Third Party Financing, Addendum For Sale of Other Property by Buyer, Addendum for Property Subject to Mandatory Membership in a Property Owners Association, Addendum Regarding Residential Leases, Addendum Regarding Fixture Leases

In this class, the agent will learn the importance of each addendum, how to advise their client to properly complete each form, when each form should be presented, and consequences for failing to provide. Instructor Amy Cueto

Contracts – Condominiums #48340 (3 Hours CE Credit)

*This class meets the new TREC requirements for Contracts CE Courses*

In this class the agent will learn the importance of each form, how to advise their client to properly complete each form, when each form should be presented, and the consequences for failing to provide required forms. Agents will learn how to effectively use these contracts and understand the resources to help them assist their clients.  Instructor Brian Peña

Contracts Residential Buyer and Tenant Representation #48139 (3 Hours CE Credit)

*This class meets the new TREC requirements for Contracts CE Courses*

In this class the agent will review the updated Residential Buyer/Tenant Representation Agreement, Information About Brokerage Services (IABS), and other helpful addenda and notices provided by TREC and TAR for Realtor use in a transaction when representing a buyer. Review and discuss how to approach compensation, where it is listed in the Representation agreement, as well as, how shared compensation is advertised, and that brokers fees are not fixed, suggested, or controlled by the Association of REALTORS or any listing services, and that Brokers are not required to share compensation from a listing.  Instructor Jim Atkinson

Contracts – Residential Listing Agreement Sale or Lease #43502 (3 Hours CE Credit)

*This class meets the new TREC requirements for Contracts CE Courses*

Review the updated Residential Real Estate Listing Agreement Exclusive Right to Sell, Residential Real Estate Listing Agreement Exclusive Right to Lease. Review what type of real estate is to be used for the forms, and what type of real estate the form does not cover. Review how to keep from the “accidental auction” as a listing agent. Instructors Jim Atkinson, Amy Cueto, Ashley Warren, Dorothy Mason, Jasmine Badillo

Contracts – The One To Four Family Residential (Resale) #43707 (3 Hours CE Credit)

*This class meets the new TREC requirements for Contracts CE Courses*

Review in detail the most recent and updated One To Four Family Residential Contract. Review what type of real estate the form can be used for, and what it does not cover. Review the method of Offer and Acceptance and the importance of this critical step in protecting your client. Review the common addenda used such as the TREC Sellers Disclosure, T-47, TXR-1414, Intermediary, and MUD form. Instructors Jim Atkinson, Amy Cueto, Ashley Warren, Brian Peña

Intro to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Real Estate #47544 (2 Hour CE Credit)

In this class the agent will learn what Artificial Intelligence aka, “AI” is, how it came about, and the basics of where the technology is today. We will teach the students a few of the more common platforms to start using AI in Real Estate. The agent will leave the class with basic knowledge of AI, and how to use it in their business as well as where to go next to get more knowledge and training. Instructor Jim Atkinson

Legal Update l #47600 (4 Hours CE Credit)

Legal Update l and ll can be taken in any order.

As a result of attending this 4-hour mandatory class, the licensees will be updated on TRELA statutory changes and the TREC rule updates.  Class will also highlight the changes to sales agent and broker response times, updates to promulgated forms, a review of Fair Housing Guidelines, as well as, the Do’s and Don’t’s of Fair Housing.  Class manual provided (e-manual provided for virtual classroom). Short quiz will follow. Instructors Jim Atkinson, Brian Peña, Amy Cueto, Cindy Mach, Walter Horn. Ashley Warren, Gina Warren, Jasmine Badillo

Legal Update ll #47601 (4 Hours CE Credit)

Legal Update l and ll can be taken in any order.

Upon completing this 4-hour mandatory class licensees will become more familiar and updated with agency rules, TREC Disclosures, a review of VA loans and Texas Veteran Land Board Loans, and enforcement of rules, case studies, and commission priorities. We strongly encourage active participation and sharing of brief experiences as it relates to our discussions in class. Class e-manual provided. Short quiz will follow. Instructors Jim Atkinson, Brian Peña, Amy Cueto, Cindy Mach, Walter Horn, Ashley Warren, Gina Warren, Jasmine Badillo

Master Your Market – How Colleges Grow Communities #49118 (5 Hours CE Credit)

Elevate your Real Estate Career with COM’s new TREC Continuing Education Course: Master Your Market: How Colleges Grow Communities.  This course offers 5 TREC CE hours and is for real estate professionals seeking a competitive edge as it delves into the intersection of higher education, postsecondary credential attainment rates and their profound impact on economic development within the real estate industry. Instructor J Paige Parrish

Maximizing Your Effectiveness with Transaction Management #46956 (2 Hours CE Credit)

In this class Realtors will learn what transaction management is, what it consists of and how to determine what is needed.  The agent will leave the class with an understanding of the task a transaction manager can do and when a license is requiredThe class will also learn about the different types of transaction services and different ways to compensate the transaction manager for their time.   Instructor Jim Atkinson

Professionalism in Real Estate Negotiations #46974 (3 Hours CE Credit)

To communicate elements of professionalism and the value of adaptability when negotiating in the context of real estate practice with both clients, colleagues, and other parties. Elements include, building collaboration through trust; negotiation habits and how to respond to these in a collaborative way; how to recognize and professionally interact with various negative negotiation tactics to achieve the best collaborative outcome. Instructor Gina Warren

Real Trivia: How well do you know your contracts? #45102 (1 Hour CE Credit)

It’s Jeopardy for Realtors! In this class, agents will test their real estate knowledge through a series of fun questions, riddles and scenarios. Subjects include: real estate contracts, addenda, and general real estate trivia. Answers to each question will be given and discussed to assure the agent leaves with a better understanding of each subject. Instructor Amy Cueto

Reciprocal Marketing for Real Estate #45210 (2 Hours CE Credit)

Discuss in detail the business marketing strategy of Popbys. Learn what they are, why they work, who receives them, and when to use them. Review the basic elements and options of Popby preparation, delivery and follow-up for a desirable return on investment. Identify alternative Popby marketing techniques and when to use them. Review the ultimate goal of this form of marketing. Instructor Gina Warren

Social Media Trends for Realtors #45275 (3 Hours CE Credit)

In this class, the agent will learn how to navigate the social media world. This will include helping gain an understanding of the basics of the most popular platforms and bring more business while connecting with others. We will discuss methods, strategies, and tools available for the agent to get more engagement with their sphere of influence though social media. This class assumes the agent has used social media in the past and has a basic understanding of how-to login and use social media. Instructors Jasmine Badillo, Ashley Warren

Solar in Today’s Real Estate Market #46809 (3 Hours CE Credit)

The objective of this class is to understand residential solar systems and how they can affect the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. This class will help the Realtor have better understanding too of how the systems work and if it has the potential to save or cost their client money. Instructors Cody Coe, Jim Atkinson

Special Purpose Districts #48473 (2 Hours CE Credit)

Agents will learn how to research the existence of a PID, PUD, LID, WCID, MUD, etc. Learn how and when to disclose them appropriately, and the consequences for failing to disclose them.  Instructor Amy Cueto

The Basics of the Financing Process #47439 (3 Hours CE Credit)

 To provide an overview of the types of lenders, the products which applicants apply for, and general paperwork support. This will help the agent understand what it means to be in contract from a loan standpoint, how rates work and their impact on financing. We will cover the general changes in the industry this year, and gain an understanding of what it means to have the applicants qualified vs being approved to purchase a home with a mortgage. Instructor Anna Babineaux

The Ins and Outs of Public Education in Texas #44352 (4 Hours CE Credit)

Class participants will learn the ins and outs of Texas public education and how educational programming, school ratings and rankings, tax rates and more impact the home buying experience. Additional discussion will cover geographic competency, mapping school boundaries, and homestead exemptions. Upon completion of the class, participants will have a better understanding of how a school district impacts the real estate market and how to identify meaningful selling points to help close future deals. Instructor Elaina Polsen

The NAR Code of Ethics #44002 (3 Hours CE Credit)

Under all is the land.. So starts the NAR Code of Ethics. It continues: Realtors®, therefore, are zealous to maintain and improve the standards of their calling and share with their fellow Realtors® a common responsibility for its integrity and honor. In recognition and appreciation of their obligations to clients, customers, the public, and each other, Realtors® continuously strive to become and remain informed on issues affecting real estate and, as knowledgeable professionals, they willingly share the fruit of their experience and study with others. They identify and take steps, through enforcement of this Code of Ethics and by assisting appropriate regulatory bodies, to eliminate practices which may damage the public or which might discredit or bring dishonor to the real estate profession. Realtors® having direct personal knowledge of conduct that may violate the Code of Ethics involving misappropriation of client or customer funds or property, willful discrimination, or fraud resulting in substantial economic harm, bring such matters to the attention of the appropriate Board or Association of Realtors®. Provider Texas Realtors® Instructor Jim Atkinson.

TikTok for Realtors #45530 (2 Hours CE Credit)

In this class agents will learn how to navigate TikTok and how to use the features to establish professional credibility, increase their sphere of influence by attracting local followers and clientsThe importance and effectiveness of video will be covered as well as how to properly edit, caption, and post strategically, all while staying within TREC guidelines. This class assumes the agent has access to download the TIKTOK app. Instructor Ashley Warren

Virtual Open House Basics #45111 (1 Hour CE Credit)

In this class the student will learn the basic skills and tools needed to hold their first virtual open house using their smartphone.  After class, the student should be ready to hold their first Virtual Open House. Instructors Jim Atkinson, Jasmine Badillo

Wells and Septic Systems-The Truth From Under the Ground #44098 (3 Hours CE Credit)

An overview of what agents need to know and what needs to be shared with clients who are considering properties that require private facilities for water and sewage, otherwise known as “Well and Septic”. Instructor Jackie Talbert

Working with Rentals #46939 (3 Hours CE Credit)

In this class Realtors will learn why working with investor clients is both profitable and practical; how to analyze an investment deal; responsibilities of a landlord or property manager; how to ethically find and select tenants in compliance with local laws and the Texas Property Code; and how to draft a TREC lease. Instructor Sarah Lernor