Great class and I would recommend to my co workers in my office.
Jose Avila Avatar
Jose Avila
I was pleasantly surprised how fast the day went by. Instructor did a great job by keeping us engaged.
Tracy Powell Avatar
Tracy Powell
The instructor did a great job of presenting the matterial and making it interesting. Humor always helps memory.
Gregg Van Yundt Avatar
Gregg Van Yundt
I always enjoy my CE courses with Jim. It was a great day and highly informative!
Caroline Allbritton Avatar
Caroline Allbritton
Cindy made this class interesting and she really asked us to participate and that was great.
Shyann Batiste Avatar
Shyann Batiste
The class Part 2 - Misunderstood Forms, was excellent. The presenter, AMY CUETO, was very knowledgeable, used great media for her presentation, explained the topic well and invited questions.
Sandra McCormick Avatar
Sandra McCormick
great class and instructor
Sandra Casas Avatar
Sandra Casas
Just completed the second of 4 classes using in person CE from TRECU.
classes well organized and presentation including lots of participating interaction with students. Great Job!
Herman Williams Avatar
Herman Williams